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At Goff Companies, we believe it to be an absolute necessity to follow a proven, detailed and sequential process for facility expansion. We also understand the frugality required when planning the expenditures of God's money. The strategic planning process involves navigating a narrow path between a business-based process and the greater importance of God's will for our lives as a church and as individuals.

Our overall goal will be to begin with the end result in mind, and implement action plans that will build platforms from today to the future. The core basis of any successful facility expansion is determined by clearly understanding the sequential steps, having carefully analyzed internal and external numbers, and intentionally aligning people, money, and facilities with the Vision.

We have many different services to facilitate the complexities of this process. Every Church is different, and requires unique and specific strategic planning in order to achieve successful growth. Learn more about each of our services and how we can help below, or give us a call today to ask any questions you may have.

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What We Do


Communicate your vision with financial confidence.

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Design environments that have the greatest impact.

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Let our experienced team guide and represent you.

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We'll do the heavy lifting on documentation and financial services.

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Our unique understanding can serve in your sale or purchase of a new facility.

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How We Do It



    We know how to build churches and are committed to becoming part of your ministry team.  We desire to understand your church, your culture and your vision in order to help you identify the facility that completes your church.






We seek to understand what your ministry looked like in the past, what it looks like in the present and what it will look like tomorrow and in the years to come.  We have the tools and experience to help you project growth and development for your specific needs that will produce a facility with the highest Kingdom significance.  




    We are focused on what is best for your church.  Our ministry mindset allows us to share with you our wealth of knowledge in a way that maximizes growth in God's Kingdom while maintaining the health of your church.




    We are called by God to guide churches through the building process. Whether helping you develop a strategic plan, locating a property or building, serving as your representative or constructing your facility, we can position your church to enjoy the journey of facility expansion.