Strategic Planning for Facility Expansion

CHURCH PLANNING is one of the core services Goff Companies provides.  We take the pastor’s vision for growth and around it develop a plan for church facility expansion.  This plan is strategic, detailed, sequential in process and economically minded since we are all called as good stewards of God’s money.  This planning process navigates the noble path between a business based process and the greater importance of God’s will for the church today and into the future.

Isaiah 32:8 - But the Noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.

The CHURCH PLANNING process starts with a Strategic Assessment for Facility Expansion, or as we called it, a S.A.F.E.  This proprietary process begins with a Sunday visit to experience all aspects of church operations, a vision session with senior leadership to understand aspirations, collection of pertinent information and a detailed strategic analysis of collected data.  The end result is a detailed planning document outlining your specific facility growth and expansion strategy aligned within your vision and ability to fund.  This clear road map allows you to confidently implement the plan as you see fit.

Once the growth strategy is developed, Goff Companies, along with its design partner, assists in the preparation of the facility program, conceptual design graphics and project budget in preparation for fund raising.  We believe during this stage of the CHURCH PLANNING process churches only need to schematically advance the design to communicate the growth vision to the congregation.  There is no need to pay for a fully developed set of permit-ready construction documents.  Although Goff Companies does not offer capital campaign services, we are strategically aligned to those who do.

The final step in the CHURCH PLANNING process is the development of the construction documents from which to build.  Working collaboratively with the design partner, Goff Companies tirelessly works to keep the documentation process aligned with the vision for growth and the project budget. In the end, our goal is to advance the vision of the church by implementing a successful planning experience that sets the church up for a successful CHURCH CONSTRUCTION experience.

Safe Brochure

Engaging the Goff Companies team was a win for Northplace Church. Their strategic assessment of our current facilities and future relocation plans helped us make informed decisions that will expedite our dream and save money in the process. Each person on the Goff team took a passionate interest in guarding our core values and expanding our vision. It is obvious that serving the local church is not their job. It's their calling.

Bryan Jarrett, Sr. Pastor