The Church Construction Experts

Utilizing our significant experience in Church construction, we offer a well-seasoned construction management team. With over $450 million of Church product to date, our projects have, and continue to have, a track record of success.  We specialize in:

  • Scheduling
  • Estimating & Costing
  • Trade Buyouts
  • Quality On-Site Field Personnel
  • Project Management Process
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Management and coordination of all suppliers/vendors
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Inspections
  • Full-disclosure Audits

Goff Companies brings so much more to the table than just being a great builder. It’s their insight, integrity and experience that are invaluable.

Joe Ward, Ex. Pastor


Owner's Representation

Church construction can seem a daunting task. Selecting design and construction teams are important steps, but the church’s responsibilities do not start or end there.  There are many Owner driven tasks and responsibilities that occur during preconstruction, design phases, and throughout the construction process.  Having someone that is knowledgeable and experienced in this process, whose sole function is to represent and protect the Church’s interest, will save you time and money.

Our experienced team can guide and represent you in tasks such as:

  • Project Control & Scheduling
  • Selecting a Design and a Construction team
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Managing the design and / or construction team through project completion
  • Protect from “Scope-Creep” and over design
  • Value Engineering
  • Quality and Safety Inspections
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Review of testing reports for compliance to specifications
  • Work Completed Verification
  • Change Order Review
  • Budget Adherence
  • Punch List Compliance
  • Review As-Builts
  • Systems Commissioning and Warranty

What an asset to have an expert that I can call on and know they have my church’s best interest in mind.

Mark Evans, Sr. Pastor


Past Projects